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Our equipment is made to increase the level of coffee pleasure. We have the tools necessary to reveal coffee in all its splendour, whether it be in the form of normal coffee, cappuccino, espresso, milk coffee, or unique concoctions.

Qubi7 VM Mini Smart

Automatic Coffee Machines For Corporate

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Qubi VM Super

Automatic Coffee Machines For Public

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Qubi7 VM MIni Basic

One Touch Coffee Machines For Corporate

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Qubi VM Super

The Corporate 1.0 is a completely automatic coffee system that has an automatic control panel coupled with an intelligent pre-brewing system, as well as a temperature, volume, and coffee strength control system to ensure the quality of the coffee produced is of the highest standard. Use the touchless operation and cleaning feature to navigate with ease. Its for small offices, bistros, and hotel lobbies thanks to its compact size, professional-grade coffee preparation techniques, and wide range of beverages. It will blend seamlessly with the decor of your room if the colour scheme is well-designed and aesthetically pleasing.
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Mr. Purbesh Swain

" Qubi7 works really great, and is one of a kind. In these times of uncertainties, it's not worth going out even for a cup of coffee, but Qubi7 has definitely found a solution to this. Kuddos to the team for such a great idea! "

Mr. Vishal Sasmal

" Qubi7 should be your source for coffee. There are numerous possibilities for coffee. They provide great prices on very fresh coffee from a variety of roasters. They are fantastic. Great range of freshly roasted coffee every day! I'll never be able to drink store-bought coffee again! "


" An innovation of this standard has made things so much easier in this first paced world. Easy access, suitable connection, and convinient mode of payment has proved to be of great help. Reduced man power due to this accounts for better use of technology and scientific knowledge. People can benefit immensely from this creation and this in the true sense has proved that science is a boon to mankind. A really great creation which has worked wonders. Have an amazing experience with it. "

Since Year 2020

We are Qubi7

Ever since the day we had hit on the concept of consumption of beverages, the human race has intensely fallen in love with it and that only kept growing. Be it a cup of that perfect Chai or a mug of Cappuccino, holding up the craving for them and refraining to have one has just never been our thing. Right!!. But relishing our favourite beverage in a corporate office or at a Chai ka Nukkad in the wake of this pandemic hasn’t been neither that easy nor very safe.

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Coffee bloggers are working hard to produce useful content for the coffee community as part of the coffee process. There is undoubtedly a blog below for you to follow, whether you're a barista working in a high-end cafe, a traveller looking to sample coffee from all over the world, or new to home brewing. Let's get going!

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